Rumored Kinect 2 specs leaked

Kinect closeup

Rumored specs for what could be Kinect 2 for Xbox 720 have leaked to the web. The features in the leak are:

- A mode for sitting or standing
- Ability to track players with a height of only one meter, which should make the Kinect 2 more suitable for toddlers
- Better detection of a players hand state
- Tracking of six people instead of just two for the original Kinect
- An improved field of view for a much larger play space
- Higher resolution and quality RGB stream, which should bring more clarity to Kinect-games
- A much higher resolution depth stream which in turn enables resolve of much smaller objects, separate objects much better and able to capture depth curvature around edges much better. This could enable more different sorts of toys and peripherals to be used with the games.
- Active infrared enables tracking in low or no light
- Latency has been improved by 33ms
- USB 3.0 support
- Frame rate up from 15fps to 30fps
- Resolution up from 640×480 to 1920×1080 (Full HD)

It’s rumored that the price tag for the Kinect 2 could be $99 USD and be released together with the next Xbox console (maybe named Xbox 720?). So if all the rumors are true we can probably expect some nice Kinect-bundles with the new release as with the original Kinect and Xbox 360. Source: TruTechNoid


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